Shipping Policy

At Amazing Lancashire Heelers, we are pleased to offer shipping services for our Lancashire Heeler puppies to ensure they can safely reach their new homes. Please read the following shipping policy details:

1. Shipping Availability:
– We offer shipping within [Specify the regions or countries where you provide shipping services].
– Shipping availability may be subject to local laws, regulations, and restrictions. Please contact us at to confirm if shipping is available to your location.

2. Shipping Method:
– We carefully select reputable and reliable airlines or professional pet transport services to transport our puppies.
– The shipping method will depend on various factors such as the destination, weather conditions, and the well-being of the puppy.

3. Shipping Costs:
– The cost of shipping will be the responsibility of the purchaser and will vary based on the destination and specific shipping requirements.
– We will provide you with a detailed quote for the shipping costs, including any additional services requested (such as health certificates or travel crates), prior to finalizing the purchase.

4. Health Requirements:
– Before shipping a puppy, we ensure they are in good health and have received necessary vaccinations and health checks.
– We comply with all applicable regulations regarding health certificates or documentation required for interstate or international travel.

5. Shipping Preparation:
– We take great care in preparing the puppy for transportation to minimize stress and ensure their well-being.
– The puppy will be provided with appropriate food, water, and bedding during the journey.

6. Arrival and Receiving the Puppy:
– Upon arrival at the designated airport or delivery location, it is essential that you or a designated representative be present to receive the puppy.
– Please ensure you arrive on time and bring any required identification or documentation requested by the shipping service or customs authorities.

7. Communication and Updates:
– We will keep you informed throughout the shipping process, providing details such as flight numbers, tracking information, and estimated arrival times.

8. Shipping Risks:
– While we take all necessary precautions and work with reputable shipping providers, please note that there are inherent risks associated with transporting animals. We cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances or delays that may occur during transit.

Please note the following:

– Shipping arrangements will be made once the purchase of the Lancashire Heeler puppy is completed, including payment in full.
– Shipping dates are subject to availability and weather conditions.
– Any additional expenses related to customs duties, taxes, or quarantine requirements are the responsibility of the purchaser.

For further information or inquiries regarding our shipping policy, please contact us at

By purchasing a Lancashire Heeler puppy from Amazing Lancashire Heelers, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this shipping policy.

Thank you for choosing Amazing Lancashire Heelers. We look forward to providing a smooth and reliable shipping experience for your Lancashire Heeler puppy.
Amazing Lancashire Heelers

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